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Dworkin, E. R. & Allen, N. E. (in press). Correlates of disclosure cessation after sexual assault. Violence Against Women.
Dworkin, E. R., & Schumacher, J. A. (in press). Preventing posttraumatic stress related to sexual assault through early intervention: A systematic review. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse.
Dworkin, E. R., Mota, N. P., Schumacher, J. A., Vinci, C., & Coffey, S. F. (in press). The unique associations of sexual and intimate partner violence with PTSD symptom severity in a traumatized substance-abusing sample. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.


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Dworkin, E. R., Pittenger, S. L., & Allen, N. E. (2016). Disclosing sexual assault within social networks: A mixed-method investigation. American Journal of Community Psychology, 57, 216-228.
Dworkin, E. R., Sorell, N., & Allen, N. E (2016). Individual- and setting-level correlates of secondary traumatic stress in rape crisis center staff. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31(4), 743-752.


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