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Gaspar, J., Street, W., Windsor, M., Carbonari, R., Kaczmarski, H., Kramer, A.F., & Mathewson, K.E. (in press). Ameliorating the distracting effects of cell phone driving. Psychological Science.
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Mathewson, K.E., Harrison, T.J.L., & Kizuk, S.A.D. (in press). High and dry? Comparing active dry EEG electrodes to active and passive wet electrodes. Psychophysiology.


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Mathewson, K.E., Prudhomme, C., Fabiani, M., Beck, D., Lleras, A., & Gratton, G. (2012). Making waves in the stream of consciousness: Entraining oscillations in visual awareness and ongoing EEG alpha with rhythmic visual stimulation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24(12), 2321-2333.
Zhu, L., Mathewson, K.E., & Hsu, M. (2012). Dissociable Neural Representations of Reinforcement and Belief Prediction Errors Underlie Strategic Learning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.


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Mathewson, K.E., Lleras, A., Beck, D.M., Fabiani, M., Ro, T., and Gratton, G. (2011). Pulsed out of awareness: EEG alpha oscillations represent a pulsed-inhibition of ongoing cortical processing. Frontiers in Perception Science, 2:99.


Mathewson, K.E., Fabiani, M., Gratton, G., Beck, D.M., & Lleras, A. (2010). Rescuing stimuli from invisibility: Inducing a momentary release from visual masking with pre-target entrainment. Cognition, 115(1), 186-191.


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