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Zhang, X., Toronov V. Y., Fabiani, M., Gratton, G. & Webb, A. G. (2005). Mapping of hemodynamic and neuronal responses to visual stimulation using simultaneous BOLD fMRI and NIR tomography. In K. E. Bartels, L. S. Bass, W.T. de Riese, K. W. Gregory, H. Hirschberg, A. Katzir, N. Kollias, S. J. Madsen, R. S. Malek, K. M. McNally-Heintzelman, L. P. Tate, Jr., E. A. Trowers, B. J.-F. Wong (Eds.). Proc. SPIE Vol. 5686, Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics (pp. 566-572).

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